Defining ‘Disappointment’

Apple sold a crap-load of iPads. Big surprise.

MG Siegler brushes off his shoulders because he’s playing for the winning side. Big surprise.

But what MG forgets time and time again is that technologists – y’know, the people who appreciate technology and/or work on it and want to see it continuously pushed forward – still won’t think the new iPad is a success. Why? Because it’s a re-hashed device for the second time around. It was okay if the iPad 2 was iterative – that’s how it should go. But every other year, there should be something spectacular. Unfortunately, the new iPad is nothing new. It doesn’t push tablet technology, nor does it make a real technologist any more inspired than the original iPad did. The new iPad is a disappointment because it’s hypocritical of everything Apple said to be and what MG has claimed Apple is about.

Remember when Apple didn’t talk about specs in keynotes because nobody cared? Y’know – the death of the spec? Now they’re comparing GPUs on stage and telling us how fast LTE is. Why? Because there’s absolutely nothing else new but a new GPU and shiny new screen that majority of people can’t even tell is better. Looks like MG’s “RIP Spec” prediction can be sat right next to his “RIP Mouse” claims back when Apple “revolutionized” screen-pointers with the Magic Trackpad. That new era definitely caught on quickly, eh, Siegler?

The new iPad is exactly what disappointment is to a technologist who waits on companies to set a bar so others can try and set ones even higher. While Asus is changing the game, Apple just continues to create the same device. Sales don’t matter when the future needs to be built. Apple isn’t pushing forward what they started and continues on an uninspiring trail after the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S. Now that’s disappointing.

Sales don’t define good technology. Good technology defines good technology.

Hope you’re enjoying your iPad 2S.

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